zombie penguin

this penguin is a test subject…

you see, i’ve applied to paint a life-size gorilla in Norwich’s GoGoGorilla campaign [link]. you know the type of thing, where there are dozens of gorillas scattered throughout the city, all painted up in different designs? well, naturally the design i submitted was of a zombie gorilla! i wont find out whether it’ll get sponsored until the end of february, but i’m keeping my fingers crossed!

however, the gorillas are about 6ft tall! so i thought it prudent to have a trial run of my design style on a much smaller scale – hence the zombie penguin!

you can see how tall it is compared to the mug in the photo above, but the method and style of painting on either piece would actually be very similar. you can check out some progress shots of the paint job over on my facebook page [link].

however, this is pretty much the final paint job…

it really has been informative as a trial run, and i’m pleased with the outcome.

so a few last touches, and a coat of varnish will see this little guy finished. then all he’ll need is a name and a new home!