the rat queen

greetings fellow zeflings!

after doing a sketch of yo-landi a few weeks back [link], i couldn’t help but do a painting of the pretty lady too…

above wip pics show the pencil sketch on A3 canvas, which was then blocked it in with black/white and grey acrylic.

after that i worked more into the detail, using brush and sprays. the text was stencilled in gold, and the cut-out letters were then attached canvas [which gives that outer-glow look].

this last pic isn’t 100% finished as i intend to varnish the text, and there’s still a little detail work i still want to do.

i’ll post a final photo at the weekend once the varnish is dry. will most likely be putting it up for sale at that point too – so if any of you fine folk are interested in picking it up, please drop me a message.  x


ok, so i finally finished this piece. i’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out. I’ve put it up for sale in the shop, where you can see a bunch of close-up shots of the detail work too. check it out here [link]