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return of the living dead

Horror fiends of Liverpool, I am really excited to announce that we’re going to be showing the classic 80s zombie movie: Return of the Living Dead! the ever incredible Uncle Frank Productions [link] is responsible for our crazy brilliant poster artwork! Not only are we showing the movie – but we’ll have the writer behind … continue

hello mello – an exhibition

EXCITING NEWS!! only a few days to go before our resident exhibition in mellomello  (liverpoolUK) is live! this is a joint exhibition featuring myself, and my two other studio buddies who are resident in the art studio above mello. paul burns aka AMBIDEXTER [link] surreal/slapstick canvas based relief sculptures VIRGINIA CHANDLER [link] vibrant & textured … continue

left to rot

just finished up with a series of nine paintings… they were a bit of an experiment tbh, as i often have people tell me they’d love one of my paintings but can’t afford them. so this was an attempt to do a bunch of really cheap pieces that all had their own charm. and my … continue

my face

The Lowe Photobooth Project i was lucky enough to be included in The Lowe Photobooth Project - which is an amazing project featuring all manner of creative and interesting folk based in Liverpool, shot in the photobooth aesthetic. naturally, I attended the photoshoot splattered with blood. these are my shots from the day.. please check out the project’s … continue

zombie dogs

pet portraits have never been my thing. until now… a lady from the states asked me if i could do a portrait of her three dogs, after they’d been struck by the zombie plague. naturally i said yes. this is what the dogs looked like before Z-day… and this is how they looked afterwards.. you … continue

zombie penguin

this penguin is a test subject… you see, i’ve applied to paint a life-size gorilla in Norwich’s GoGoGorilla campaign [link]. you know the type of thing, where there are dozens of gorillas scattered throughout the city, all painted up in different designs? well, naturally the design i submitted was of a zombie gorilla! i wont … continue

zombie disco

in the aftermath of the 2.8 hours later zombie outbreak [see previous post], all of the survivors and newly infected got together to celebrate at the zombie disco.. ^^this is a photo of yours truly from the show! this afterparty was organised by the folks at inside out adventures. it featured a suitably apocalyptic themed playlist, [...]

spreading the infection

in the last few days i’ve made hundreds of zombies… i mentioned a short while ago [link] that i was part of the make-up team for 2.8 hours later in liverpool. well, these are a couple of my photos of the infected… i was mainly on blood duty for the duration, splattering copious amounts of the red [...]