spinal flow

this painting changed things…

i’ve always used traditionally macabre subject matter (such as skulls, cadavers, monsters) in my work. but this was the first time i’d deliberately combined it with an intense vibrancy of colour.

there were a few facets to this piece as it developed; it was painted on a canvas that i’d previously been using as a palette. and there is a soundwave running the length of the piece

the spine flows sympathetically along this centreline like a sinewave. also the spectrum of colours in the background correspond to the relevant chakra positions of the spine.

this is the finished piece..


i adore this piece for a couple of reasons. firstly, that it has had more of impact on my style than any other in recent years. and secondly that it turned out excatly how i’d imagined it – which is an incredibly rare achievement for me!

there are more progress shots on my facebook [link]