theologians of the order of the gash

“we have such sights to show you!”

i wouldn’t be the artist i am today had if it weren’t for clive barker’s ‘the hellbound heart’ and the subsequent hellraiser mythos.

i held the imagery in such esteem, that throughout my life i’d never dared try to capture them artistically. but i thought it was about time to stop idolising, and get my hands dirty.

i didnt want to do standard full portraits, but rather focus on a small area of each character, which contains details and clues that make them so very unique and recognisable.

anyway, i began off with the troop of cenobites featured in the first film, starting with chatterer..

then female cenobite & butterball..

and lastly, lead cenobite..

i also painted a face of lemarchand’s box. these are the paintings all together..

more photos of these and other hellraiser paintings on my facebook [link]