god bless ‘murica

this is my newest design that i’m uploading to my Society6  page [link].


some folk may say i’m making a statement with this piece: that i’m exploring the themes of patriotism and corruption. the suggestion may be that despicable agenda is often hidden behind façade of moral virtue. within the dynamic may also be a nod towards the fact that extremism and parody are virtually indecipherable from one another. additionally to that, should we highlight that most all forms of extremism tend to be so hypocritical that they destroys the very moral fabric of the soap box they used to get onto their high horse.

some of these things could certainly be implied. although it could also be said that i’m just tinkering around with lines, synchronous shapes and colours, and my obsession with our Lord and Master – the Great Black Goat \m/,

personally, i don’t like to talk about the ideas in my scribbles. so if you must speculate then you’ll have to do it without me..


anyway, it’s available as tees, prints, and throw pillows. woo!


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