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the girl with x-ray vision

‘The Girl with X-Ray Vision’  [acrylic on 80x30cm deep edge canvas] “if you were born with x-ray vision, you would never feel the need to wear clothes either!”   This canvas needs a home, priced at £225, plus shipping  [UK +£25 / Rest of World +£65] – so please drop me a message via the … continue

the dark crystal

henson’s finest.. as ever, the storytelling from the henson studio is outstanding, but i always adored this movie more due to the character and world design by brian found. such vision and inspiration. so this trio of character mark out my favourite segments in the flic. passing time in the ur-ru village.. the heartbreaking moment … continue


god bless ‘murica this is my newest design that i’m uploading to my Society6  page [link]. – some folk may say i’m making a statement with this piece: that i’m exploring the themes of patriotism and corruption. the suggestion may be that despicable agenda is often hidden behind façade of moral virtue. within the dynamic … continue


new print available. hurrah! this is a painting i’ve posted and discussed before [link]. however, i’ve decided that it most definitely should be view this way up↑ anyways. you can grab it over on Society6 [link], and as always please come say “hello” over at my facebook page [link]    

the evil dead

now available on Society6. yay! “Soon all of you will be like me…  and then who will lock you up in a cellar?” you can order a print, canvas, a laptop skin, or even a throw cushion if that’s the kind of thing that tickles your fancy?!   [LINK] however the zoom facility on their site … continue