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beautiful clutter

hidden treasures! so. i was having a poke through sealed boxes and under desks and in the back of cupboards. i imagined that i might have one or two pieces of old stock/bits&bobs which i could put in the webshop. but to my surprise, i found an absolute shitload of stuff! dozens of testtube babies, … continue

t-shirts now only £5

stock clearout! there’s only a small handful of tees left in the studio, so i’ve reduced them all down from £12 to £5 each (plus shipping) very limited sizes, shapes and designs so hit the link and see if there’s any in your size still remaining? [shop]  


god bless ‘murica this is my newest design that i’m uploading to my Society6  page [link]. – some folk may say i’m making a statement with this piece: that i’m exploring the themes of patriotism and corruption. the suggestion may be that despicable agenda is often hidden behind façade of moral virtue. within the dynamic … continue

free shipping

*FREE SHIPPING extended until Halloween!* There are only a handful of these tees left in stock! In order to try and clear though the last of them I’ve added a discount coupon code to shop that’ll give you guys the option of free shipping. The code is “COME TO BUTTHEAD” and will be live until … continue

t-shirt discount offer

25% discount on purchases via our shop as the ^pic says, use the discount coupon code UNDEAD (all CAPS) when you add products to the basket and your goodies will be 25% cheaper than usual. brilliant!

vest tops added to the shop

we’ve had a small run of our designs printed onto ladies vest tops. however this was only a trial run, so i’m afraid they’re currently only available in a medium. grab them here!    

zombieking is alive

good news folks, the shop is now online and fully operational! check it out by clicking the tab up top, or follow this link zombieking are just getting started on a commercial basis, so at the minute our range isn’t that large – we currently have 3 t-shirt designs. but they’re all pretty cool so hopefully you’ll … continue

zombieking apparel

the results of the photoshoot… this fantastic image is to be used as my first advertising spot in big cheese magazine, which comes out in a few weeks time. the photography/retouching is by Louise Lowe Imaging, please check her out on facebook [link], or better still – she now has a wordpress blog [link] the [...]