i’ve been doing a few pieces that are a bit more figurative in nature. but because they aren’t in the vein of the work i usually sell or upload to society6, they’ve been absent from this blog.

so, in an attempt to rectify that…  ta-dah!

all of these on 80x30cm canvas, done in acrylic (even the ones that look like watercolour!)

i adore painting figures and faces, but consider these to be more personal works and have never tried to sell them. on the same hand, nobody has ever really expressed interest in buying them either so it works out quite nicely! lol

i used photo ref for the very first one posted at the top, but the others are all just imagined shapes. i’m disappointed to say it’s been over a year since i managed to draw directly from a life model. pretty sad at that, it’s one thing that i really miss..

i’ve noticed that i always seem to default to using reds and blues when painting life. i find it quite interesting that when my subject matter is dead things, i use vibrant rainbow hues. yet when the figures are supposed to be alive, they are tackled with these sombre unnatural tones. i kind of think it reflects my worldview somewhat.. death is vibrant / life is bleak.

anyway. enough of my ramblings..

i post a lot of these works on my facebook as they’re progressing, and an awful lot of other pieces that never otherwise see the light of day! so hit me up there and say hi [link] or drop a follow on my instagram [link] as i’m trying to get in the habit of keeping that updated too.

chris z