new test-tube babies have arrived!

we have a few new species available to add to the collection!

first to join the ranks, was this fella – the frankenfoetus!  ok, so it is a human foetus – but it has striking physical differences to what you’d expect to see in a normal human foetus of only 13 weeks gestation!

also, are a batch of squidlings. they are as yet unidentified member of the cephalopod family…

and the most recent additions are these goat-like creatures…

there is the satyr, reminiscent of the woodland god Pan

and there is the devilgoat – bearing a striking similarity to Baphomet himself

the resemblance of these goat-like species to one another is uncanny. but the are from such distinct cultural backgrounds and time frames that their lineage has clearly separated many generations previously.


you can find all of them available in the zombieking webshop [link], along with the other original lines of testtube babies..  mermaid, t-rex, minotaur and unicorn!

if you have instagram [link] or facebook [link] please come say hi, and follow the page as i post updates as new specimens arrive in the workshop!

AND if you have any queries, or are interested in placing an order for a more unusual specimen then please get in touch [here], or drop me a message on facebook [link]
chris z