something a bit special…

now and again, i get a particularly unique specimen through my hands…

such as this golden unicorn foetus… it had a super long horn – three times the length of a standard unicorn foetus at that stage of gestation. and also its horns & hooves had a covering of genuine gold!

it also came in a very special black casket shipping crate

it was a stunning creature, with it’s very own history.  im definitely never gonna get my hands on another critter like it.


and, oh my glob!

…there was this other specimen that arrived recently – it was the foetus of a dog, a tan coloured bulldog to be precise.

it belong to a young boy who had been institutionalised following a traumatic event, and he had withdrawn into a delusional fantasy world. he kept this foetus in a jar of pickles (which preserved it!), taking it out to chat and play with it. he called it ‘Jake the magical dog’, and was a central part in his imagined fantasy world.

i have been told he had other totem objects which corresponded to other imaginary friends. i am trying to get them shipped to me but having a few issues with red tape.

both of these specimens have now found homes,  but fingers crossed i’ll hopefully have more of these special finds to share with you guys in the future.

these unique specimens are slightly more expensive than the usual specimens but that is due to it’s rarity and the extra time required to prepare such a unusual creature.  I’m always on the look out for more, but if there is a particular creature you’d be interested in owning then please get in touch with requests and i’ll see what i can track down!
i share posts on instagram [link] and facebook [link] of new specimens that arrive in the workshop – so if you want to keep updated then please follow me there.
chris z