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t-shirts now only £5

stock clearout! there’s only a small handful of tees left in the studio, so i’ve reduced them all down from £12 to £5 each (plus shipping) very limited sizes, shapes and designs so hit the link and see if there’s any in your size still remaining? [shop]  

the siren

hello sailor! the siren : described as a sea-nymph who would lure mariners to their destruction on dangerous rocks. however, this is not a siren. nor is it a zombie mermaid. it is something much more devious… if you’re interest in owning this painting then check out this link [hello!]. i’ll also be making prints … continue

death at sea

death & rainbows vii do rainbows happen over the ocean?  …they must. right?! regardless, i was going for a piratey theme on this one.. though it does have more of a leaning towards the aquatic world in general. still uncertain of a title yet. how about,  ”when the rivers run red  …and orange, and yellow, … continue

back in the studio

oh dear! it’s been 3 months since i posted any drawings on here.. i’ve been seriously busy finishing my degree, then moving house – but importantly i have now set myself up in business as a freelance artist!  so i’ve been in the studio all week drawing, except for one day where i met a [...]


i did a bit more sketching tonight.. “the drowning of mr.wormtongue” [photoshop + wacom] i scribbled for a good half hour before this started to evolve out of the mess i was making. probably spent an hour on it total. i find creating a sketch like this to be a very cathartic process. it is very [...]