robots, dinosaurs, and 8 bits of my brain

robots, dinosaurs, and 8 bits of my brain

this is my childhood, my friends, and my inspiration – all now splattered out on a rather brightly coloured piece of canvas.

a couple of the characters used are from tattoos already inked on my friends – and i thank them for their permission to recreate them.

virtually all of the other IP on here belongs to big faceless corporations — with the exception of the robot and dog in the top corner overseeing the whole piece. those fellas they are the very specific intellectual property of sam brown at explodingdog. (i didn’t ask sam if i could use his characters, but i will write and tell him about this soon.)

please do check out
his sketches and characters have helped me put a voice to some of my own troubles, fears and dreams. his work has genuinely touched me. it truly is brilliant stuff!

there are more close-up shots, and progress photos of this painting over on my facebook page [LINK]