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left to rot

just finished up with a series of nine paintings… they were a bit of an experiment tbh, as i often have people tell me they’d love one of my paintings but can’t afford them. so this was an attempt to do a bunch of really cheap pieces that all had their own charm. and my … continue

death at sea

death & rainbows vii do rainbows happen over the ocean?  …they must. right?! regardless, i was going for a piratey theme on this one.. though it does have more of a leaning towards the aquatic world in general. still uncertain of a title yet. how about,  ”when the rivers run red  …and orange, and yellow, … continue

death & rainbows

continuing the recent theme.. death & rainbows v [acrylic on 80x30cm canvas].. and a close up..   this next one is #6 of the death & rainbows series, titled, dark side of the mind. (yes, the pink floyd reference is quite deliberate!) another angle.. and a close up…   progress photos and other work in this … continue