test-tube babies

test-tube babies are now available!!

they’re not the kind of babies that’ve been created in a test-tube..  nope, these are little foetus specimens that have been put into test-tubes so they can be displayed as the fabulous and cute curiosities that they are. brilliant!

currently, i have 4 types of specimen available: unicorn, t-rex, mermaid, and minotaur [all pictured below]. as you can see they’re all seriously cute. they make excellent low maintenance pets, and ideal gifts too.

soon i will have also squidlings available, and after that there will be more unusual and mythical creatures too!

each specimen comes in their own hand-made shipping crate, along with a personalised lab report/adoption certificate.

i prepare all specimens personally from start to finish; including creation, finishing, and even naming the critter and handwriting the birth certificate.  as such, no 2 specimens will be completely alike. if you have any queries about the process, or how we ethically source mermaid foetuses then drop me a message here [link] or come over to the facebook page and have a chat there [link]

available for £25each plus shipping over at the webshop [link]

come say hi on my facebook page [link]