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The Lowe Photobooth Project i was lucky enough to be included in The Lowe Photobooth Project - which is an amazing project featuring all manner of creative and interesting folk based in Liverpool, shot in the photobooth aesthetic. naturally, I attended the photoshoot splattered with blood. these are my shots from the day.. please check out the project’s … continue

zombieking apparel

the results of the photoshoot… this fantastic image is to be used as my first advertising spot in big cheese magazine, which comes out in a few weeks time. the photography/retouching is by Louise Lowe Imaging, please check her out on facebook [link], or better still – she now has a wordpress blog [link] the [...]



this happened today… “what’s going on in the picture?” you may ask. well, that’s one of my newly designed and printed t-shirts. being worn by a professional model. who is being shot by a professional photographer. – i’ve been a struggling artist for so long now [and i dont expect that to change in the immediate future!]. [...]