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2.8 hours later

incase you didn’t know, the zombies are coming… the zombie chase game 2.8 hours later¬†will be in liverpool on the 16th – 21st may.¬†find them on facebook [link] btw, this is not advertising – i am actually a part of their apocalypse. you see, i’m on the make-up team for the event so will be [...]

zombie penguin

this is the second painting in a series of four that i created for some of my friends. the new owner is a fabulous artist i am fortunate enough to know called india rex. yes, that is her really real name! she can be sometimes be found on the interweb under the guise of indisaurus [...]

hello zombie kitty

my first ever zombie related post to this blog was to show you a zombified hello kitty, that i’d painted for a friends birthday [link]. and since then it’s been the 2nd most popular search that’s directed traffic here.. so, i figured if people want to see zombie hello kitties, then it’s only good manners [...]