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trying some new things.. following in the vein of ‘the tempest’ piece i wrote about in my last post [link], i’ve wanted to explore a more narrative/storytelling approach with some of my work. i’ve found the work of chiara bautista [checkout her facebook here] a massive inspiration for this possible direction. so this first sketch … continue

the girl with x-ray vision

‘The Girl with X-Ray Vision’  [acrylic on 80x30cm deep edge canvas] “if you were born with x-ray vision, you would never feel the need to wear clothes either!”   This canvas needs a home, priced at £225, plus shipping  [UK +£25 / Rest of World +£65] – so please drop me a message via the … continue

unicorn girl

“i WILL be a unicorn!” this painting is dedicated to all the girls out there who would do absolutely ANYTHING to be a unicorn. you know the type, right? if you’re interested in getting you grubby paws on this horrific piece of art, then checkout the shop page [here] i shall be making prints of … continue