¡hola comrades!

the shop has (eventually) been updated!

there’s now a whole bunch of stuff available to grab in the ol’ webshop. there’s a good selection of testtube babies, severed heads, and also the testtube display racks crafted by my own grarled hands.

granted, there is nothing new here that veterans of the site havent seen before – but this is the last batch of most of these critters for a while as the majority of their moulds are now kaput (and i have no idea when I’ll get round to making new ones).  so if there’s something missing from your collection then now is probably the time to fill that void.

it would be nice to clear through a lot of this to give me funds to invest in new projects. so ive dropped the price a wee bit: £20 per testtube baby.

im also putting a free worldwide shipping code on the site for spends of £40 or over. the coupon code to use at checkout is “COME TO BUTTHEAD”, and you have to say it in Butthead’s voice while you type it or it doesnt count! ;P

chris z  x