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¡hola comrades!

the shop has (eventually) been updated! there’s now a whole bunch of stuff available to grab in the ol’ webshop. there’s a good selection of testtube babies, severed heads, and also the testtube display racks crafted by my own grarled hands. granted, there is nothing new here that veterans of the site havent seen before … continue

pricing guide & offers

this is how things are priced… the most complicated thin is the shipping  - which tbh, isn’t complicated at all. you pay a flat fee for shipping, and regardless of how many items you order, you dont pay any extra shipping charges. this shipping service is tracked & signed service. also. as everything is currently priced at … continue

t-shirts now only £5

stock clearout! there’s only a small handful of tees left in the studio, so i’ve reduced them all down from £12 to £5 each (plus shipping) very limited sizes, shapes and designs so hit the link and see if there’s any in your size still remaining? [shop]  

free shipping

*FREE SHIPPING extended until Halloween!* There are only a handful of these tees left in stock! In order to try and clear though the last of them I’ve added a discount coupon code to shop that’ll give you guys the option of free shipping. The code is “COME TO BUTTHEAD” and will be live until … continue

t-shirt discount offer

25% discount on purchases via our shop as the ^pic says, use the discount coupon code UNDEAD (all CAPS) when you add products to the basket and your goodies will be 25% cheaper than usual. brilliant!