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test-tube babies

test-tube babies are now available!! they’re not the kind of babies that’ve been created in a test-tube..  nope, these are little foetus specimens that have been put into test-tubes so they can be displayed as the fabulous and cute curiosities that they are. brilliant! currently, i have 4 types of specimen available: unicorn, t-rex, mermaid, and … continue

rachel & baby rosie

a number of my recent posts have centred around my major uni project – the brainchild. im pleased to say that i’ve just finished it – the culmination of about 5 months work! these are some of the photos of the exhibit, which were taken by my friend, rachel – the same rachel whose face [...]

building a brainchild

most of you will be familiar with the brainchild project i am working on.. this is a sketch for a friend who made the request, “draw a bisected head, with a foetus for a brain.” i was so taken by this idea that i used the theme for my major university project, which has involved me [...]