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the siren

hello sailor! the siren : described as a sea-nymph who would lure mariners to their destruction on dangerous rocks. however, this is not a siren. nor is it a zombie mermaid. it is something much more devious… if you’re interest in owning this painting then check out this link [hello!]. i’ll also be making prints … continue


i guess i should wish y’all a slightly belated happy new year! well, how are you? life here’s getting back to normal after the hols – i’m back in the studio painting everyday which is ace. obviously if you follow my page on facebook you’d know this …i trust that is the case? and if … continue


recently, i’ve been doing a few pieces that are a bit more figurative in nature. but because they aren’t in the vein of the work i usually sell or upload to society6, they’ve been absent from this blog. so, in an attempt to rectify that…  ta-dah! all of these on 80x30cm canvas, done in acrylic (even … continue

spitting teeth

you ever had that dream when all your teeth fall out…? yep, me too [acylic on A3 canvas] bit of a self portrait this one. not that i’ve been having this dream of late, but certainly had the feelings that are traditionally associated with it’s meaning. anyways. it’s available as a print over on my … continue

popcorn horror

have you checked out the popcorn horror channel? there’s stacks of stuff on their site – horror news, reviews, competitions, and more. but most interesting for me is the collection of horror shorts all gathered up into one place. i have always love the short as a medium. mainly cos i have sat through so … continue

bleeding ink

after a long week away from the studio, i was absolutely gagging to pick up a brush and push around some paint. this was the result .. available as a print over on Soc6 [link] more art and shizz on my facebook page [link]. come say ‘Hi!’

left to rot

just finished up with a series of nine paintings… they were a bit of an experiment tbh, as i often have people tell me they’d love one of my paintings but can’t afford them. so this was an attempt to do a bunch of really cheap pieces that all had their own charm. and my … continue